Monday, January 23, 2017


     Do you want to live longer? Everyone wants to live longer, exercising can help that. By exercising each day, you're working your heart to its extent and making it be able to grow stronger. There is a lot of positive factors from exercising, for example, being able to be healthier, stronger, and just feel better in general. There are so many things that you can do to exercise, for small things, you can start off running or jumping jacks. As the US moves up on the ranks of most obese countries in the world, we could easily bring it down. For some people, they're busy all day, from when they wake up to when they go to sleep, but maybe before they go to bed they could do just a little something like 50 sit ups / 50 jumping jacks. It's a process and can take time, but in the end, you feel better throughout your day, able to operate better and feel better as a person.

Monday, January 9, 2017


1. By Fredrick the Great making the Potato the "Royal vegetable" more people wanted to have the potato, so by using that, he loosely guarded the potatoes for people to steal and make some of their own. With Ataturk, he made it to where prostitutes were the only ones that were allowed to wear the veil. Both the potatoes and the veils are seen as worth as if you're "special" to have these things. As more things were restricted, the value and worth of the item increased. Like the potato, it was the royal vegetable but Fredrick the Great made sure it was loosely guarded so people would want to steal them to grow on their own.

2. It's perceived change because he asked, why would you want the train to be shorter if you want to enjoy it? He said that wouldn't you want it to last longer with more things to be enjoyable. People would like more things on the ride, like more relaxing/comfortable, and it would be half the cost of what they spent to make it shorter.

3. Changing one's perspective is more effective in many ways. First, by changing one's perspective on things, it could have a positive outcome like making a new antidote to seizures. Second, by changing their perspective, that person can go on to recommend that product/service to others to gather more customers. Going back to the train ride to France, Rory said that people rather enjoy the ride by having fun than making it shorter. It's a simpler change in making people have fun over making the ride shorter (plus it costs less).

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Do I feel the polls/surveys in a study reliable?  No, because most of the time the polls/surveys seem sketchy. They just seem like poll was made up. Now, if they were able to prove that these people voted in that poll, I would believe them, but for now, I'm going to take every poll/survey in a study with a grain of salt. To be frank, I blame society for teaching me to not believe everything and to look into things I don't believe are true. So now, when I see things I don't believe (like polls/surveys in studies) I really look into them to see if they're truthful or not.

I feel I had a lot of struggles with this unit. The only one big struggle was finding examples, especially with tone of voice for print ads. I think that having to look for ads for some certain ads can be a real pain. To find the perfect ad is near impossible, you'd probably save time pick the best next thing. That was really the only big pain I had with this unit. Anything else, was easy to get over.

Image result for celebrity ads

I believe this ad uses Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Value. As you can see in the photo I picked, it's actress Sofia Vergara sipping diet Pepsi out of a can. She is a actress which includes Celebrity Endorsement. I also believe this ad contains Brand Value because she is showing her loyalty to Pepsi. In the ad it says "Nothing refreshes like a diet Pepsi." which is a competition slogan saying they're the better and/or refreshing drink.

Monday, December 5, 2016


1.Having data/proof in your argument it increases your chances of coming out on top. Putting data/proof in an argument makes your claim increase in believability. If you also plan on arguing with someone, you have to back it up. By having all the data/proof, it'll make it easier to back up the subject and matter at hand. If you don't have any data/proof, it'll be pretty hard to back up your claims and your chances of winning the argument will be pretty low.

2. Having information about your opponent can help tremendously. In the advertisement world, knowing the weaknesses of your opponent can help your advertisement. Let's say you're advertising a type of fruit and you're just starting so you need something to get you respect and sales. You find out a whole bunch of facts about the other company (usually bad facts) and use that against them. Your advertisement might be like "Our fruits are 20x fresher and non-chemically grown than (fruit company)", by using this method, you could possibly get to the top in no time.

3. I'm going to try my hardest to appeal to my audience because I'm part of it, Teens.  In my paper, I'm going to explain to the Teens that they need to look at the hooks because they're important. For example, I'll be using facts and rhetorical questions. Most teens think that celebrities or messaging value. If they see an ad with either of those, they'll most likely want to buy them. That's just how society has raised them.

Monday, November 28, 2016


A. I believe the ad is Badge value because it's a thing people would like, not something that's needed. People just want it to feel better or to be looked up to by people, not for their own need. Those people usually buy things to have, not to keep. They usually buy the item to show off for awhile and later sell it in life.

B. I feel as the Rhetorical Claim has more of an impact on me. Instead of having an unfinished claim, I rather be asked a question I know. It makes me look more into the product and make me think more of the ad. By looking into the item I can figure out its pros and its cons. Possibly, in the process of searching the item, I can figure more out about the company too.

C. The companies use Messaging Value because it makes the consumer feel like they need to by the product to feel like part of the crowd of people. The companies think it'll get them more sales (sometimes it does) and get them more popularity. While Brand Value is how loyal someone is a brand, like a celebrity, companies will still pick Messaging Value because it can be cheaper (not having to pay the actor/person whose in the ad as much as a celebrity) while still getting their point across.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet: True Love?

1. Romantic Love because Romeo wanted Juliet. Romeo wanted Juliet to be his wife forever and in the story, Juliet falls into a deep sleep. Romeo didn't know she was asleep and commits suicide not knowing that Juliet would wake later that day. Juliet awoke and saw the sight of Romeo. She became devastated and didn't know what to do. Juliet took out Romeo's dagger and stabbed herself.

2. The best type of love is compassionate love. Compassionate love is low and steady, making it easier for the 2 in the relationship to understand one another. Instead of the wanting the pleasure of the persons company, compassionate is wanting the best for the other. This type of love is more for the person concerned with whats best with you. Unlike Romeo and Juliet, they wanted a love that was filled with the pleasure of company of each other, not much of the others opinion.

3. Neither in my opinion were less responsible with their emotions. Both Romeo and Juliet felt the same way for each other. Both of them committed suicide after seeing the death of the other. It seems as they were selfish (not meaning this in a rude way, just stating a point, sorry if I offend anyone.) for committing suicide for their lover and not thinking about the people that worry about them. In the end, both Romeo and Juliet were in the wrong and neither were more responsible about their emotions.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo & Juliet Part 1

1. Somehow and someway, Romeo and Juliet was political. It started off with the Montague's and the Capulet's ignoring the proclamation made by The Prince of Verona. The prince also said to exile Romeo and if he were to return to the city he would be executed. Also, John Greene talks about how the Italian stereotypes go back to before Shakespeare. Lastly, he exclaims how Romeo and Juliet's tragedy was accompanied by a "slippy" Catholic friar.

2. In the video, John Greene explains what a tragedy is. A tragedy happens when a good character of a noble extraction make an error and then are brought low. John Greene also explains how the narrative of the tragedy that noble people suffer when they begin to act badly isn't reflected in the real world. It's a big part of why we become so fascinated when we see a one-greater suffering downfalls. Romeo and Juliet's mistakes were born of love and their deaths were caused by those mistakes, but after their deaths, peace and harmony returned to the streets of Verona.

3. There were multiple types of theaters, a few indoor, private theaters and a couple more in palaces and at the Inns of Court. Shakespeare's plays were held in large theaters like the Globe, partly opened to the air and a partly thatched roof. The theaters back then were dirty, quiet, and sometimes even smelled bad. In now-a-day theaters, you got cellphones going off and people only get quiet when the lights go down. Back then theaters had no microphones so you had to pay attention to the stage. People would drink, ate, and jeered if the performance was bad. In the end, the theaters were no "high art" types of places and no highbrow entertainment, but for people back then, that was what they found amusing and entertaining and they lived with it.