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1. I just read an article about an actor named Kevin Costner. The article talks about how Kevin's life before and after the actor life. It talks about how he's a nice guy and is one to keep to his word. It also talks about all the awards and friends he has made in his life. Lastly, it talks about the big and small films he has been in his life, for example, Dances With Wolves. The purpose of this article is to entertain because it's a celebrity interview of Kevin Costner. The text structure is a description and possibly cause and effect because it describes the career for Kevin and how he worked for them to get where he is now. There were some text features. There was a change in the fonts (started with one big letter and the rest was smaller, colored, and one huge title), there was many pictures to show who Kevin Costner is and what he does, and lastly, there were some text organizers like bold words.

2. There is a huge gap in both women's and men's opinion. Looki…

Shonduras Story

1. Social Media really can improve your life. It definitely has changed my life in a drastic way. I believe I wouldn't be the same person I am today without the internet. The internet has helped me a lot of new friends and new interest. On a customer side, I see it easier to shop online for things like clothes and accessories. As Shaun said, it helped him connect with many people and now here he is, popular and he didn't know that him just showing how much fun he had with his life and people loved seeing that and he began to get more popular by the day. Lastly, my lollipop moment also is connected to social media because I see a lot of people achieving their goals and that inspires me because I want to achieve my goals too.

2. Shaun's passion is to just have fun in life. On Snapchat, he shows his everyday adventures for his fans. He does this so the fans feel like they're a part of the adventure. As Casey Neistat says " Shaun is a professional fun-haver" but …

The Lollipop Effect

1. I had a lollipop moment. This moment changed my life for the greater good. I was once told by a good friend this quote: "Think of life as a Rubik's cube, you have to work at it to complete the puzzle." It changed my mind on thinking because I always decided to give up on things. Now, I keep working towards things until they're finished or even better than before. Plus, I told this person that, that quote meant a lot to me and I use it in every day life.

a. I believe it says that people fear what they're capable of. People feel as if they were to take creditably for something they'll be seen as selfish. Or as if people are scared of what impact they have on people.

B. I do agree with this statement too because I fear as what impact I have on people. I make sure it's a positive one.

3. I plan to help my friend because she just recently got out of a relationship and it made her very sad so I plan to make her happy and continue to help her through this …

Classic books

1. There are many things that make a book a classic. Older books are the usual of the genre. What makes the books a "classic" is the possibility to connect with them. If people are able to have some sort of connection with the characters or the book's story, that makes it a classic. In an article, I saw what people thought made a book a classic. People think that each "classic" book has its own purpose that makes special. For example, the book "Uncle Tom's Cabin" they bring up historical moments that happened so when people read the book, they knew and felt what people went through. Another reason to call a book a title is that a person is able to be reread and they'll still have the experience of reading it the first time. If the books re-readability is good, that makes it a classic. Another example of a classic book is the series of Harry Potter. Everyone knows who Harry Potter is and a lot of people have at least read one of the books. It i…

Dust Bowl Damages

1. Dust Pneumonia was a disease that was caused by all the dust during the dust bowl. What would happen is that the dust gets into the lungs of the victim and the alveoli become damaged. The alveoli are very little air sacs in the lungs that make you able to breathe. When those were damaged, people would start having a hard time to breathe. There were many symptoms of dust pneumonia. There is Asthma, influenza, eye infections, sinusitis, laryngitis, and bronchitis. Those all were caused by the dust.

2. People would do many things to keep healthy during the dust bowl. People would most likely have Vaseline under their noses to keep the dust from getting in. People who had really bad coughs would make a kind of chest plaster to help them breathe with the whole dust storm. Farmers over working the land. They never gave the soil time to recoup itself.

3. I would pack very many things. To start off, I would pack my clothes. My clothes would be the most important because I can warm myself wit…


1. This PSA is very effective for many people in the public. For myself, it doesn't affect me because it's common sense not to text and drive. It takes your concentration off the road and if you do that then you shouldn't be driving. For the people it does affect, I think the image of it impacts them the most. I mean, I would be traumatized if I knew I was the reason my friend is dead. That would completely ruin me and I would lose my mind.

2. This video is called Evan and it hides one of his peers, who later shoots up the school, in the back of shots. The purpose of the PSA is to be cautious of what your peers are doing so you can tell if something is up. I see this one as an effective PSA because it starts sweet and ends horribly to impact a message about school shootings and being aware. In my opinion, I like this PSA. Main reason I like it is because it is simple and gets the point across with a big impact. Plus to add on, i…

High-school Diploma

1. A high school diploma can really affect your health. Not in the literal sense, but in a mental way. What the high school diploma does is it moves your mindset to a more positive way. As studies are shown in the article, people that drop out are more likely to go to jail. Now that can be caused because they're unhappy with their life because they decided to drop out and that put them in a bad place. In my opinion, I don't see why people drop out. Why not just finish the years? Yes, I do understand there are some situations where people have to drop out because they need to get a job to support their family or other things, but in all, people drop out because they just don't feel like putting in the effort to do school anymore and they want to live an "easy life".

2. There are so many reasons why nearly a million students that drop out can affect the society. For one, it can affect the workforce and the unemployment rate. If that were to happen, it could really …