Monday, February 20, 2017

My Life Career -

            I plan on doing something with Finance after I graduate from high school. There are some things in Financing that are good, while the others are bad. Now, the good things about Financing are that, for me, I have my Dad's friend, Ryan, who is already in Financing. He said that it's decently easy if you pay attention. Plus, he said if you get accepted by a business, sometimes they'll allow you to work from home after working in the city with them. That's another good thing about this career, I can work from home and still have time for my family. There's one more aspect of Financing,  Ryan said that if I get good enough in it, I can knock out a 2 weeks worth of work just in a day if I worked and were focused enough.

               I've been planning this out for a few months. I have found a college I would like to go to, but it's not my final answer because I am not for certain I want to go to this school because it's far away and I still need to be in connection with my family. Who knows, it might work out. The college is called Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. One of their big classes is Financial based. I've looked on the internet for a nice, big, and good academic school for Financing and this is the one I picked. It's decently big, looks like the students there are smart and fun too, mostly, the school is just nice all around. I plan on visiting next time we go on a vacation.

               The pay for the Financial field is decently high. If I were to go in as a Financial Manager, I could be making around $116,000 a year. Note, this is a decently easy job, so this is easy money. I plan on going into this field because it could help out in life also. It can make bills easier for me, make my life a little less stressful, be able to keep my health fit and make me happy because I can spend time with my family while being able to do my work at the same time. All that at once would make anyone happy, that's why I picked this job and plan to pursue this for the rest of my life.

Monday, February 13, 2017


1. Josh Luber is a man that likes sneakers, making him a sneaker head. Now, he talks about the advertising and marketing ways of different companies. How even know they get a lot of sales on high priced, nice shoes, they more of a common, affordable to everyone shoe. For example, he talks about how Nike makes Jordans, very expensive shoes can be around $100-$300 a pair, while they still have casual shoes that can range from $30-$80 dollars. By the end of the year, they still are able to make around $380 million from both of the shoes.

2. Josh from the TedTalk is talking about 2 different markets, the retail and secondary markets. In the retail market, you buy the item straight from the source, like Apple products at the Apple store. With Secondary, it's something you've previously bought/someone has bought, and is reselling it at a higher/lower price. Both of these markets are a day-to-day thing. Especially with expensive things, if it's expensive, you look for someone who is reselling the item you want at a cheaper price.

3. If I were to sell any item in the market, it would be shoes or cars. Shoes would be easy because you make 5 pairs and have the public vote which one is nicer and then mass produce it. Plus, it might even increase chances of becoming more popular depending on the price. For cars, it's the same idea, but on a bigger scale. You see what type of car the public likes, take the style of it, innovate it, and mass produce. This is easy profit for the companies. Either way, they both are rolling in money.

Monday, February 6, 2017


1. I believe the article ("Trump Warns Mexico He Might Send U.S. Troops to Take Care of 'Bad Hombres'." Time. Time, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.) is to INFORM the reader because it's talking about a current event.

2. I believe my article I picked is Problem and Solution. The reason I picked it is because it starts to talk about how Trump is having problems with the Mexican President but is trying to fix it. It's said in the article that President Trump is trying to still go through with his 'build a wall' campaign. Well, the Mexican President is having some issues with that and canceled the meeting with Donald Trump. It also talks about how Trump has made many comments on what he's going to during his presidency, but people believe he's not going to be able to go through with them, causing more problems.

3. All of the topics in the article were interesting. Starting off with Virtual Reality (VR), it's just amazing how we've come so far in this world where we can simulate thing's like past memories, historical events, etc, and even be able to make human interactive video games. Secondly, drones are amazing too because of how useful they can be. Two main reasons they're amazing is because of how they are used for taking amazing shots for videos, pictures, etc or they are being made to make military operations safer and more efficient.
Lastly, self-driving cars would be amazing because of how many accidents are caused by human error. Plus, it could cut down on how many drunk driving accidents will happen.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fiction VS. Non-Fiction

1. Non-fiction is something that has facts or information that is real. It is something that is happening in the real world. A great example is things like BBC or The Washington Post. They are both a reasonable source and nonfictional. Both of those places give information about real events.

2. I believe that the reason we need nonfiction in life is because it's everywhere in our world, unlike fiction. If we learn to read stuff like fiction, it would be hard to read and comprehend things in the world. I mean, it's still nice to read things that are fiction, but it's more of a free time thing. Plus, if we want to read the newspaper, we want to learn about what big things happened that week, not to go and read a "fake story". It helps inform you about things going on/things that have happened in the world, not fiction where it puts an image in you head about something that isn't real.

This article is talking about how Trump has sent soldiers to Mexico to take care of some "bad men". The only reason I picked this article is because one, it's a trustable resource, two, one of the first ones I saw, three, it sparked my interest, and lastly, the title grabbed my attention to read about it. It seemed important to what's happening in the world. I'm not able to keep up on the news so reading through this keeps me at least a little updated. It truly helps when you're busy almost all the time by making the situation shorter and the giving straight facts.

Monday, January 23, 2017


     Do you want to live longer? Everyone wants to live longer, exercising can help that. By exercising each day, you're working your heart to its extent and making it be able to grow stronger. There is a lot of positive factors from exercising, for example, being able to be healthier, stronger, and just feel better in general. There are so many things that you can do to exercise, for small things, you can start off running or jumping jacks. As the US moves up on the ranks of most obese countries in the world, we could easily bring it down. For some people, they're busy all day, from when they wake up to when they go to sleep, but maybe before they go to bed they could do just a little something like 50 sit ups / 50 jumping jacks. It's a process and can take time, but in the end, you feel better throughout your day, able to operate better and feel better as a person.

Monday, January 9, 2017


1. By Fredrick the Great making the Potato the "Royal vegetable" more people wanted to have the potato, so by using that, he loosely guarded the potatoes for people to steal and make some of their own. With Ataturk, he made it to where prostitutes were the only ones that were allowed to wear the veil. Both the potatoes and the veils are seen as worth as if you're "special" to have these things. As more things were restricted, the value and worth of the item increased. Like the potato, it was the royal vegetable but Fredrick the Great made sure it was loosely guarded so people would want to steal them to grow on their own.

2. It's perceived change because he asked, why would you want the train to be shorter if you want to enjoy it? He said that wouldn't you want it to last longer with more things to be enjoyable. People would like more things on the ride, like more relaxing/comfortable, and it would be half the cost of what they spent to make it shorter.

3. Changing one's perspective is more effective in many ways. First, by changing one's perspective on things, it could have a positive outcome like making a new antidote to seizures. Second, by changing their perspective, that person can go on to recommend that product/service to others to gather more customers. Going back to the train ride to France, Rory said that people rather enjoy the ride by having fun than making it shorter. It's a simpler change in making people have fun over making the ride shorter (plus it costs less).

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Do I feel the polls/surveys in a study reliable?  No, because most of the time the polls/surveys seem sketchy. They just seem like poll was made up. Now, if they were able to prove that these people voted in that poll, I would believe them, but for now, I'm going to take every poll/survey in a study with a grain of salt. To be frank, I blame society for teaching me to not believe everything and to look into things I don't believe are true. So now, when I see things I don't believe (like polls/surveys in studies) I really look into them to see if they're truthful or not.

I feel I had a lot of struggles with this unit. The only one big struggle was finding examples, especially with tone of voice for print ads. I think that having to look for ads for some certain ads can be a real pain. To find the perfect ad is near impossible, you'd probably save time pick the best next thing. That was really the only big pain I had with this unit. Anything else, was easy to get over.

Image result for celebrity ads

I believe this ad uses Celebrity Endorsement and Brand Value. As you can see in the photo I picked, it's actress Sofia Vergara sipping diet Pepsi out of a can. She is a actress which includes Celebrity Endorsement. I also believe this ad contains Brand Value because she is showing her loyalty to Pepsi. In the ad it says "Nothing refreshes like a diet Pepsi." which is a competition slogan saying they're the better and/or refreshing drink.