Monday, March 20, 2017

High School Grades Are Important

1. There are so many reasons why you should further your education. Even know you should increase your knowledge by spending more years in school. The main reason of this article is to tell you how you can earn so much more money in further life. By increasing your GPA and paying attention in school, you can raise your % of your earnings (depends on gender). It could help so much with a few extra thousands you can be making. In all, it adds up quick and you can make so much more money.

2. As said, the better grades equals better GPA which equals to more money. Truly, paying attention and doing the work really pays off (ha I'm funny shush). It's easy to learn too, you just pay attention. For example, there's 2 boys, Jimmy and James. James pays attention and gets his work done in class, Jimmy does the opposite. In the end, James makes so much more money than Jimmy because he actually paid attention in class and learned so he got a higher GPA.

3. In the article, it says that the minorities had the strongest high school grades and overall educational attainment. I think it's because they are more motivated than others because they're under privileged. I feel as if they want to make a better name for themselves. They want to exceed in their life. In all, the minorities are more responsible than certain people. They feel responsible for getting the good grades and getting their work done, no matter how hard/long they have to work for it. They're intellectually stronger and have a better attention span than some others.

Monday, March 13, 2017


1. I think the main reason of dropouts is no more effort to go on. I feel as if around Sophomore and Junior grade, students lose most of their effort in school. They think that this education won't be useful anymore and decide to leave. Most of the time, I see dropouts going to work and starting their lives. In my opinion, it's sad. The people put so much time into school for the first 10ish years and then they leave 2 years before they graduate. It's like they leave and give up on their education. As said in the article, they teach the students self-discipline, leadership, and self-reliance, making sure that they keep good behavior and a lot of effort for them to push on and go onto college.

2. There's a charter school that was converted into a military school. In the military school, they taught self-discipline, leadership, and self-reliance. The school works students all day and makes sure they are nice and doing well in school. The changing of schools has helped some students and has changed their thoughts on how they should act. In the end, the schools main good is to see them succeed and go on to college.

3. Student responsibility can help many students with their grade. It makes sure they keep in line with good grades and turning in work on time. At South Haven, we just need more discipline. I believe that our school doesn't do a good enough job at disciplining students for bad grades. Sometimes the student decides they need to bring it up to do good in life, most of the time there is no effort in them and they give up on it.

Monday, March 6, 2017

College and Social Media

1. I can see what they want on social media and what they don't. I can kind of see what they want in their students and what they want on theirs students social media. Let's say you are a recruiter and you have to look at the student's social media (Twitter, Instagram, etc) and the student applying is racist or talking sexually on there. You definitively don't want to recruit them because you don't need those actions at your college. So, I can kind of see what they're saying but I still have my other half saying it's not right. I will admit, I do listen to vulgar music but you don't see me going out and telling people what it says. What if I were to share it, to my Twitter for example, and they see it, are they going to deny my application and recruitment because of the music I listen to? So, it's a very foggy situation because I don't know if they'll take my music seriously or not.

2.  I can see what they're saying in this quote. The basis of the quote is that the students want to be the "cool kid" over wanting their personality nice. Personally, I don't agree with that. I was raised as to be nice to everyone, no matter what they've done as long if they're nice back. So, I rather have my personality than being a big character at my college. Even know I'm kind of a character at my school (known by a lot of people), it was achieved by my personality and how I treated others. Mostly, I'm happy with my friends because they are the reason I am doing good and happy in life, which I rather not be a character and have friends for only a few weeks than having friends for a lifetime.

3. The rules at the school are doing bad for the students for their future. Our school allows us to have out our phones but we should put them away when learning and students abuse that and always are on their phones and aren't able to do good in the class. This is a bad representation of what our future should be. I personally don't have my phone out 24/7 like some students, but I do sometimes overuse my phone while at other times I'll put it away when supposed to. So, I can see where they're doing bad at enforcing the rules on us and I can see where the phones can be useful but all around, they just need to do better at showing us when we can and cannot use our phones.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

College Life

    I found a good apartment for a low price if my roommate and I were to split the rent. The thing all together equals $702, split between us, $351 a month for both of us. No, this is a good price because it's not that expensive for how big it is and how little it cost. In the end, it leaves me with $845.16, which could be used for the rest of the things I need. If all goes good, I can make it through the month without the help of money.  (

    So, with the $845.16 after rent, I decide to use the money on other things. Let us say I keep the car I'm given at 16, which the car insurance will be paid off for. So I will have to pay for a full coverage car insurance which is $70 average, in the US. Gas is usually around $2.54 per gallon, and 3-4 gallons can hold me for about 2-3 days. So, about $30 per week is how much will be needed, but in this problem, it's $120 per month. Lastly, I need an oil change, which is around $50. In all, my car will equal around $240 by the end of the month. I will have $605.16 left for the month.

    Looking into the apartment, it already comes with heat and electricity (which is a plus). The only things I need to pay for last is my essentials. I can survive on little things, for example, I can take anything and make it into food. I have a big guess that to survive a whole month on any type of food, it will equal (for my roommate and me) around $300. That will leave me with $305.16. Next thing would be my cell phone. With the plans that I've seen in the world, I will be able to make it by with a $50 plan with unlimited data and more so that will leave me at $255.16. Last things I'll need are extra and not needed, but I can afford them. Buying all things for the bathroom will equal around $75 leaving me with $180, which I can take $80 out for internet, leaving me with $100 as emergency money.

     Living on a paycheck to paycheck kind of deal can be very stressful. Living on your paycheck also make you sad because you feel like you can't have fun on such a small amount of money. Also, with such small amount of money, it's stressful because if there's an emergency, it can really can hurt your pockets. In all, this skill of keeping track of money is very useful and can come into play when your budget is tight and you really need to save money. This skill can save your life some day so take it into consideration.

Monday, February 20, 2017

My Life Career -

            I plan on doing something with Finance after I graduate from high school. There are some things in Financing that are good, while the others are bad. Now, the good things about Financing are that, for me, I have my Dad's friend, Ryan, who is already in Financing. He said that it's decently easy if you pay attention. Plus, he said if you get accepted by a business, sometimes they'll allow you to work from home after working in the city with them. That's another good thing about this career, I can work from home and still have time for my family. There's one more aspect of Financing,  Ryan said that if I get good enough in it, I can knock out a 2 weeks worth of work just in a day if I worked and were focused enough.

               I've been planning this out for a few months. I have found a college I would like to go to, but it's not my final answer because I am not for certain I want to go to this school because it's far away and I still need to be in connection with my family. Who knows, it might work out. The college is called Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. One of their big classes is Financial based. I've looked on the internet for a nice, big, and good academic school for Financing and this is the one I picked. It's decently big, looks like the students there are smart and fun too, mostly, the school is just nice all around. I plan on visiting next time we go on a vacation.

               The pay for the Financial field is decently high. If I were to go in as a Financial Manager, I could be making around $116,000 a year. Note, this is a decently easy job, so this is easy money. I plan on going into this field because it could help out in life also. It can make bills easier for me, make my life a little less stressful, be able to keep my health fit and make me happy because I can spend time with my family while being able to do my work at the same time. All that at once would make anyone happy, that's why I picked this job and plan to pursue this for the rest of my life.

Monday, February 13, 2017


1. Josh Luber is a man that likes sneakers, making him a sneaker head. Now, he talks about the advertising and marketing ways of different companies. How even know they get a lot of sales on high priced, nice shoes, they more of a common, affordable to everyone shoe. For example, he talks about how Nike makes Jordans, very expensive shoes can be around $100-$300 a pair, while they still have casual shoes that can range from $30-$80 dollars. By the end of the year, they still are able to make around $380 million from both of the shoes.

2. Josh from the TedTalk is talking about 2 different markets, the retail and secondary markets. In the retail market, you buy the item straight from the source, like Apple products at the Apple store. With Secondary, it's something you've previously bought/someone has bought, and is reselling it at a higher/lower price. Both of these markets are a day-to-day thing. Especially with expensive things, if it's expensive, you look for someone who is reselling the item you want at a cheaper price.

3. If I were to sell any item in the market, it would be shoes or cars. Shoes would be easy because you make 5 pairs and have the public vote which one is nicer and then mass produce it. Plus, it might even increase chances of becoming more popular depending on the price. For cars, it's the same idea, but on a bigger scale. You see what type of car the public likes, take the style of it, innovate it, and mass produce. This is easy profit for the companies. Either way, they both are rolling in money.

Monday, February 6, 2017


1. I believe the article ("Trump Warns Mexico He Might Send U.S. Troops to Take Care of 'Bad Hombres'." Time. Time, n.d. Web. 06 Feb. 2017.) is to INFORM the reader because it's talking about a current event.

2. I believe my article I picked is Problem and Solution. The reason I picked it is because it starts to talk about how Trump is having problems with the Mexican President but is trying to fix it. It's said in the article that President Trump is trying to still go through with his 'build a wall' campaign. Well, the Mexican President is having some issues with that and canceled the meeting with Donald Trump. It also talks about how Trump has made many comments on what he's going to during his presidency, but people believe he's not going to be able to go through with them, causing more problems.

3. All of the topics in the article were interesting. Starting off with Virtual Reality (VR), it's just amazing how we've come so far in this world where we can simulate thing's like past memories, historical events, etc, and even be able to make human interactive video games. Secondly, drones are amazing too because of how useful they can be. Two main reasons they're amazing is because of how they are used for taking amazing shots for videos, pictures, etc or they are being made to make military operations safer and more efficient.
Lastly, self-driving cars would be amazing because of how many accidents are caused by human error. Plus, it could cut down on how many drunk driving accidents will happen.